Home is where the heart is, it’s our palace, our domain and castle. As we live our lives,working, playing we accumulate ‘stuff’. Our lives and homes become filled with items that arebeautiful and precious, some of them are meant to last forever, and some are fleeting.

We help keep your home uniquely yours by giving you peace of mind by helping you de-clutter and organise your home. We assist you becoming more organised and make you money in the process. It’s as simple as contacting us today, and we will sort out your household for you.

If you are simply looking for an easy & practical solution for your unwanted items and uncluttering your special home, Sort & Sell For You has the solution that will help you get your home exactly the way the way you want it.



Our unique and most popular SORT & SELL SERVICE includes a 5-hour visit to your home, where we not only give you some effective organisational and styling tips, but also assist you to sort through your home to make separate piles for ‘charity’, ‘keep’ and ‘selling’. We then remove and sell your unwanted treasures (in our own time), and you get the cash! We encourage you to jot down a list of what rooms you’d like to attack, and what goals you have for your new space — so that once we arrive we can get stuck right into it.


Do you have clothing bagged up and ready to sell, but simply don’t have the time? Let us sell your quality, branded clothes in our own time, and you receive the benefits. Our SELLING SERVICE includes collection of your bagged items, taking care of all of the monotonous photography and listing work, as well as handling any sales inquiries and postage — and then you’ll get the cash! Simple as that!


Sometimes packing can be more stressful and time-consuming than the actual move itself. Our experienced PACKING SERVICE takes the stress out of packing, and puts the excitement back into moving. We know how to pack everything from fragile and valuable items right through to clothes and toys. Of course, our small professional team takes the time to carefully label every box for easy identification and unpacking in your new home.


Hearing about how we’ve changed people’s lives makes every job worthwhile.

A small North Shore-based business, Sort & Sell For You launched out of a desire to help others, whilst making them money in the process.

We take pride in our professionalism and passion for assisting others to sort through their homes, determining what to donate to charity, and working hard to sell their unwanted/un-needed items online.

Since starting our business, we’ve had a huge show of support — and are delighted to announce our expanding services. In addition to selling high-end fashion items directly from our premises, we now also offer a professional house packing service. Hearing how we’ve changed people’s lives makes every job worthwhile and rewarding.



Please call our Managing Director, Lauren Star for a friendly chat on 0423 774 941 or fill out the form below