Our unique and most popular SORT & SELL SERVICE includes a visit to your home, where we not only give you some effective organisational and styling tips, but also assist you to sort through your home to make separate piles for ‘charity’, ‘keep’ and ‘selling’. We then remove and sell your unwanted treasures (in our own time), and you get the cash! We encourage you to jot down a list of what rooms you’d like to attack, and what goals you have for your new space — so that once we arrive we can get stuck right into it.


Do you have clothing bagged up and ready to sell, but simply don’t have the time? Let us sell your quality, branded clothes in our own time, and you receive the benefits. Our SELLING SERVICE includes collection of your bagged items, taking care of all of the monotonous photography and listing work, as well as handling any sales inquiries and postage — and then you’ll get the cash! Simple as that!


Sometimes packing can be more stressful and time-consuming than the actual move itself. Our experienced PACKING SERVICE takes the stress out of packing, and puts the excitement back into moving. We know how to pack everything from fragile and valuable items right through to clothes and toys. Of course, our small professional team takes the time to carefully label every box for easy identification and unpacking in your new home.

Hearing about how we’ve changed people’s lives makes every job worthwhile.

A small North Shore-based business, Sort & Sell For You launched out of a desire to help others, whilst making them money in the process. 

We take pride in our professionalism and passion for assisting others to sort through their homes, determining what to donate to charity, and working hard to sell their unwanted/un-needed items online.

Since starting our business, we’ve had a huge show of support — and are delighted to announce our expanding services. In addition to selling high-end fashion items directly from our premises, we now also offer a professional house packing service. Hearing how we’ve changed people’s lives makes every job worthwhile and rewarding.


Sort & Sell For You Founder Lauren

Lauren Star

Operations Manager / Owner

Lauren established Sort & Sell For You in 2013 with a desire to help people make space in their homes, save time, and make them money. Lauren believes that a tidy de-cluttered home environment, creates a space with less anxiety and more productivity. Lauren's many clients are grateful for her time and effort in helping them achieve a more relaxed, organised and stress-free home.

Sort & Sell For You Dallas


Administration Assistant

Dallas has been with Sort & Sell For You for several years and has a great knowledge of the business and processes. She assists Lauren with the everyday running of the business from an administrative point of view. Assisting with all administrative tasks, listing, payments, social media and marketing.

Sort & Sell For You Kris


Warehouse Director

Kris maintains the storage facilities, ensuring the organisation and sorting of our clients valuable resalable items is second to none. She ensures sold items are posted to clients in a timely manner and all items are accounted for. Kris is passionate about ensuring the utmost respect of each of our clients items, knowing that some hold great sentiment and value.

Sort & Sell For You Natalie


De-Clutterer & Organiser

Natalie is our professional de-clutterer and organiser, and is one of the first people our clients will meet. Her friendly and professional manner is an asset to our business, and her passion and knowledge in organising and de-cluttering always means our clients are left feeling satisfied and relaxed during the process.

Sort & Sell For You Nada


Professional Photographer

Nada is responsible for the professional photography of all our items for sale, which are listed for sale online. We know that clear and professional photographs taken in a studio make a huge difference in the resulting sale price of our clients resalable items. We ensure that each item is photographed with as much detail as possible, showing all tags, and intricate detail.

Sort & Sell For You Lisa


Professional Photographer

Lisa is our professional onsite photographer. Lisa is able to photograph items in your home (such as, in a deceased estate situation) so items can be immediately listed for sale, meaning faster sales and turnaround time. Lisa is always respectful of your homes and furniture, and knows what photos to take the first time, meaning your item can sell faster. Her professional approach to photography means the photographs are of superb quality for listing purposes.

Sort & Sell For You Matt


Logistics & Warehouse Manager

Matt is the muscles of Sort & Sell For You - assisting with removals, packing, heavy lifting and sorting large items in our storage facilities. Matt's knowledge of the business systems and procedures means he is always fast and efficient in his tasks.


Bernadette, Northbridge, NSW

“Thank you Sort and Sell For You! My house was completely unorganised and I felt stressed and anxious. Now it’s organised, sorted, and I’m making money every month. I’ll recommend you to my friends for sure!”

Louise, Toowoomba, QLD

"I live in Queensland and still wanted Sort and Sell For You to sell some clothes and items for me. I used a vacuum bag to post them to Sydney, and now they’re selling and I’m making money. They go out of their way to help you! Highly recommend!"

Christine, St Ives, NSW

"After losing a loved one, going through everything was so very overwhelming. The team at Sort and Sell For You came in and made it easy and fast. I didn’t have to do much, they knew exactly what they were doing. Now the anxiety is gone and I feel I can move on. Thank you so much ladies. You’re worth your weight in gold!"

Sam, Bronte, NSW

"I was recommended Sort and Sell For You by a friend when I mentioned I had so much stuff to sell but no time. I’m so glad I made that first contact, because Lauren and her team have been nothing short of amazing. Once I was booked in, their communication was second to none and their service was outstanding. I now recommend them to everyone I know!"

Jason, Bondi Beach, NSW

"Lauren and her team came to my home during some very difficult family times. We had lost our parents and we had no idea what to do with all their things. Lauren came, chatted to us, took photos, priced accordingly, listed and got it all sold, all within about a month. It was amazing and I truly can’t thank them enough. I never knew such a service existed!"

Summer, Manly, NSW

"I saw Lauren and her team at the Simplicity Home Expo in Sydney, and I’m so glad I stopped to chat! Since then, her team has ensured my home is clutter free, items have been taken and stored in their storage facilities and I feel like I can breathe again.. and the extra money every month is an added bonus. Sort and Sell For You are amazing!"


Please call our Operations Manager, Lauren Star, for a friendly chat on 0402 292 564 or fill out the contact form.

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