Our Experience

Our main goal at Sort & Sell for You, is to make your life easier. 
Are you moving homes and finding the process too much?
Sort & Sell for You can provide all the support you need with packing up a loved one’s home, sorting their belongings and arranging removal or sale of household items.

One of our most popular services is our “Selling Service”. 

We take your unwanted items, photograph them, list them on suitable platforms, pack them up, post them off and then send you the profits!

Our eBay store currently has over 20,000 items for sale. We can sell almost anything!

Let us make your life easier

Our decluttering experts can assist with deciding what can be sold,  donated, and what needs to be thrown out.
We can then assist with selling all your unwanted items.

Ensuring our clients needs are met is our ultimate goal. We love to we see feedback on our Google Reviews.

Get into shape!

Let us help you get your home office back to its pre-covid shape with one of our decluttering sessions. 

We have a place for each item and make conscious decisions about where things should live. It’ll make life a lot easier, and make you more productive.

Take a walk ...

We understand this can be a very difficult and emotional process, so we can tailor the service to suit your needs. Is your shoe cupboard overflowing? Do you need to make space for new shoes? If your shoe collection needs a cull, let us sell them for you! Our "Sell for You" service includes us selling your items for you and making you money in the process!! Our online eBay store has successfully sold hundreds of pairs of shoes for clients.