At the time of booking, a 50% deposit is required in order to secure services and a designated date and time slot. 

The deposit is non­-refundable unless 7 days’ notice of cancellation or to allow a new time slot.

There is an increased travel rate should travel time exceed the radius of 30 minutes travel time from North Ryde. (This is chargeable at $50 per hour) 

The commission Sort & Sell takes on all sale items is 40%. This is in addition to the upfront photography and listing fee. 

All commission is payable to Sort & Sell on the 15th of each calendar month via bank transfer (unless commission is deducted during the sale process on each item) see below. 

If items are stored with us prior to selling, then post sale you will receive 60% of each sold item (40% commission is paid directly to Sort & Sell). 

This is paid after the sale of each item, payable through PayPal (less PayPal fees). 

All items will be photographed within 14 days of initial meeting. 

Items will be listed within 1 month of initial meeting, unless otherwise agreed. 

When/If items are not sold within the first 2 months, pricing will be reduced and after 4 months if items are still unsold, there will be an option to donate or return items. 

When/If 12 weeks has been exceeded and items are not sold, they will be donated or returned to you.